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Our Residential Team offer competitive pricing on ducted and split system air conditioning installation. Our friendly staff can help you size the capacity of air conditioning required and offer you supply and installation pricing on all makes and models. Services levels range from basic to premium based on the level of use your air conditioning is exposed to.


Our Commercial Division specialises in service, break down and repairs of all air conditioning systems. Our team can assist in the installation of chilled water fan coil units, Condenser water package units and Ventilation systems. We offer obligation free service plans which ensure optimum performance of all equipment from chillers, air handling systems, ventilation fans and associated controls.

Our Our Residential Team & Our Commercial Division

Too Breezy are specialists when it comes to cleaning and servicing air conditioning systems.

Commercial asset management programs to meet Australian standards.

Ducted air conditioning is ideal for undefined spaces or cooling multiple areas or rooms at the perfect temperature.

Split systems air conditioning systems are a great way to cool or heat your home from room to room.

Our technicians are highly skilled at diagnosing faults and repairing faulty systems.

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Too Breezy Pty Ltd is a Brisbane based business offering competitive pricing and service on all areas of the air conditioning industry

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