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Commercial chilled water systems and commercial condenser water systems are commonly used in large commercial scale buildings and industrial factories across Brisbane. Too Breezy have over a decade of experience in maintaining these huge, complex, mission-critical systems.

Chiller Plant Systems

Commercial chiller plant systems are extremely efficient at transferring heat and reducing energy consumption compared to refrigerant-based cooling systems. The mechanical machinery required to output chilled water at 6 degrees requires regular upkeep and maintenance. Too Breezy offers regular, scheduled maintenance packages - this will ensure that your water-cooled chiller plant remains in optimal conditions.

Commercial Water Condenser Systems Services

Condenser Water Systems

Commercial Condenser Water Systems rely on water to cool the refrigeration system within an Air conditioning package unit. This type of water loop is open to the atmosphere, it is exposed to particles and potential contaminants, so water strainers are installed inline to filter these out.

Condenser water loops will require regular chemical treatment to ensure no bacteria develops in the system. It is advised to contact a water treatment specialist. like Too Breezy, to provide a condenser water systems management plan for regular maintenance.

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