Commercial Services

Commercial Services

It’s essential for a business to be operational and comfortable for those inside, Maintaining a comfortable air temperature is crucial, especially in South East Queensland’s (SEQs) climate.

Too Breezy provides a range of commercial services to businesses in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast to meet the demands of businesses that need the commercial HVAC and air conditioners to remain in optimal condition, all year round.

Our commercial AC service experts can deliver everything you need to ensure that these large commercial HVAC and air conditioners for any sized operation. From maintenance to repairs for any sized building including large warehouse and office air conditioning installation.

Too Breezy is the one-stop shop for any business needing peace of mind knowing that they have 24/7 support from some of the best commercial air con servicing contractors in SEQ.

Roof Mounted Mounted Commercial Aircon
Commercial Asset Management

Commercial Asset Management

From commercial ac repair to commercial ac installation Too Breezy provides all of our clients with a tailored preventative maintenance program to meet Australian Standards. This ensures maximised performance and reliability of all HVAC assets. This reduces the long term costs of ownership by ensuring all air conditioning plant and equipment are operating efficiently and effectively.

We currently work with offices, production facilities and large hotels where their air conditioning equipment is integral to the smooth operation of day to day business for our clients. We often go a step further to fit our servicing in after-hours to minimize disruption to the business if required.

We have over 10 years of experience servicing all makes of chillers, condensers & chilled water loops, mechanical ventilation systems and all styles of air Handling units with associated controls.

We deal with all types of commercial assets, from replacing worn-out components in complex ducted air con installation. Reach out to us today for a free assessment of your commercial equipment and a maintenance proposal to suit your needs.

Chilled Water & Condenser Water Systems

Chilled water and condenser water systems are commonly used in large commercial scale buildings and industrial factories across Brisbane.

These systems are extremely efficient at transferring heat and reducing energy consumption compared to refrigerant-based cooling mediums. The mechanical machinery required to output chilled water at 6 degrees requires regular upkeep and maintenance.

Condenser water systems rely on water to cool the refrigeration system within an Air conditioning package unit. As this water loop is open to the atmosphere, it is exposed to contaminants and elements that do not belong. Water strainers are installed inline to filter out any contaminants, therefore, preventing blockages and dead legs in the water loops. Condenser water loops require regular chemical treatment to ensure no bacteria develops. It is advised to contact a water treatment specialist to provide a management plan and ensure regular maintenance.

Contact us today for an obligation free quote on the installation of chilled water fan coil units, condenser water package units and maintenance.

Commercial Water Condenser Systems Services
Commercial Ducted Aircon

HVAC Mechanical Ventilation Services

HVAC servicing includes mechanical ventilation which plays an essential role in the standard commercial building. The most common use for mechanical ventilation is fire stair pressurization, car park exhaust systems, toilet exhaust systems and fresh air induction systems.

The motors and associated controls require regular routine inspection to ensure optimum performance and energy consumption. As this equipment can form part of the evacuation and fire safety system, it is essential to have the equipment performing at its best. Quarterly and annual tests are carried out for compliance purposes to ensure all standards and regulations are met.

Over time these fans will move hundreds of thousands of litres of air through the ducts which leads to dust and dirt build-up. Duct clean may be required in some instances to remove heavy deposits.

Fan motors and impellers should be checked regularly to ensure no undue wear exists to the bearings and seals as these are common stress points. HVAC serving ensures regular attention to prevent major mechanical failure.

Too Breezy are specialists when it comes to cleaning and servicing air conditioning systems.

Commercial asset management programs to meet Australian standards.

Ducted air conditioning is ideal for undefined spaces or cooling multiple areas or rooms at the perfect temperature.

Split systems air conditioning systems are a great way to cool or heat your home from room to room.

Our technicians are highly skilled at diagnosing faults and repairing faulty systems.

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